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Astrology is an ancient self-diagnostic tool affording personal direction and insight.

I have been studying astrology for many years and was first introduced to its utility in psychotherapy when I worked with a Jungian Analyst who was using astrology in her practice. I found it an intriguing, and fun way of gathering a client’s history, discussing personality traits and exploring personal and professional goals.


I offer astrology sessions from a psychological perspective by incorporating my experience as a psychotherapist and my knowledge of the ancient practice of astrology. If you are interested in scheduling an astrology session, please feel free to contact me. We can have a session on Zoom or by phone. Of course, if you are in the local area, we can schedule a session in person.


My contact information can be found on this website. The fee for this service is $240. I will need your birth information, including birth date, exact time of birth (should be on your birth certificate) and place of birth. It would also be helpful if you would include whether you desire a natal chart reading, solar chart reading or current transit reading. We can dialogue about this when you make your appointment.


I will send your charts to you via email prior to scheduled session. You are welcome to record your session by phone or computer.


Sometimes we experience obstacles or difficulties in our lives and we need insight and clarification. I offer a brief narrative of what I see in your chart related to that obstacle or difficulty. The narrative is usually a half to a full page depending on the complexity of the issue. The fee for this service is $75.

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