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Dream analysis

When working on dreams with clients, I usually begin by asking these questions...

What dream brings you here?
What is moving in your soul?

Then, together we explore: What is the dream’s desire? This exploration begins by the telling of the dream in present tense because this is how we dream. We want to bring the dream into the now because we are working with something that is alive and moving. The images in our dreams have feelings, a sense of physical presence, can speak, move, provide feedback, clarification and can help us process why they have chosen to appear.


It is important for the dreamer to elaborate on what the images or characters in the dream mean to them. We discuss the associations and the feelings that emerged during the dream or after waking. We also explore the landscape or setting of the dream. After gathering information about the dream itself, we begin the process of delving deep into the dreamscape.


I ask the dreamer to ground themselves by feeling their feet on the floor or the weight of their body on the couch, to close their eyes and begin taking several deep, cleansing breaths. I then suggest that the dreamer allow an image from the dream to emerge. The image is invited into the room and will usually interact with the environment, and also many times will engage in conversation with the dreamer. I use a lot of silence during the dream tending session, so that the interaction is primarily between the dreamer and the image.  


This process of deep, meditative visualization always amazes me. As clients interact with the dream image, they begin to find the “dream’s desire” - the message or messages they were meant receive.


This work has been profoundly helpful to me personally as I have gone through my training, but most importantly I have observed how this method of dreamwork can be incredibly healing to my clients.


I use dreamwork in the normal course of psychotherapy with clients to provide a deeper journey into the psyche. But I also do dreamwork sessions with people who are not involved in therapy and are just interested in exploring their dreams. For those outside of the Albuquerque area or for those who prefer, these sessions can be conducted through my telehealth provider, TheraLink, which is a HIPAA-compliant platform.


My fee is $195 for an hour and a half session. Feel free to contact me through this website, email or text 505.692.3327.

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